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Want an Aquarium to compliment your Decor ? biOrb Aquariums are visually stunning and available variety of sizes and types ! 

Each biOrb aquarium includes a starter pack with instructions on how to get started. Also included is the filter system, substrate, light, food and chemicals (heater optional). These products are perfect for first time users as well as the advanced aquarist. biOrbs use a 5-stage of filter system which gives crystal clear water. The filter cartridge should be replaced every 4-6 weeks to ensure your fish have a safe, clean environment to live in. Replacement cartridges are known as 'Service Kits' and as well as including a replacement filter cartridge also include cleaning cloths and chemicals for performing a water change.


And just in case - we will price match other suppliers prices on all Reef One aquariums and biOrb fish tanks.

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Baby biOrb

Baby biOrb is a simple and affordable introduction to fish keeping. It is ideal for keeping a few minnow sized fish and comes with everything you need to set up your aquarium.

biOrb 30

The original biOrb and still as popular as ever. The biOrb 30 is a healthy home for fancy goldfish or small tropical fish. It comes in a range options to suit everyone. 

biOrb 60

If you're looking to keep larger and more advanced species of fish, then the biOrb 60 opens up all sorts of possibilities. It's larger size makes it ideal for either a saltwater aquarium or a marine set up. Do you enjoy aquascaping? You'll find that the biOrb 60 has space for some really dramatic decor.

biOrb 105

The biOrb 105 is our largest biOrb yet. Large on volume. Large on filtration. But still small on maintenance.

biOrb Flow

You'll find the biOrb FLOW a really easy aquarium to set up and own. Everything you need to start your aquarium is included in the box. It uses the tried and tested biOrb filtration and also has a built-in LED light.

biOrb Life

biOrb LIFE looks like no other aquarium. It's high gloss curves are available in three sizes and three colours Chilli Red, Piano Black and Ice White.

All biOrb LIFE 30, 45 and 60 litre sizes are supplied as coldwater aquariums suitable for fancy goldfish or small temperate fish. Tropical fish can be kept with the addition of a biOrb Heater Pack or biOrb Intelligent Heater.

If you're looking for a high performance aquarium that looks like nothing else, then choose biOrb LIFE.


biUbe offers you a completely different look, ideal for those who like aquascaping. The cylinder shape offers a slimmer profile and a larger floor area. It takes up less space outside, but there's more space inside to get creative.

biOrb Marine

Reef One have made it very easy to convert a biOrb to salt water with the Marine Conversion Kit. The kit contains everything you need to get started including a hydrometer, salt and artificial live rock. When you purchase a marine biOrb or biUbe you will receive your aquarium with its filter and light, and also a heater and a marine conversion kit. Full detailed instructions are included which are easy to follow - we are also on hand to give you any advice you may need.

Stands for biOrbs and biUbes

A safe and secure place to display your biOrb or biUbe, available in two styles wood or acrylic. These stands are suitable for all biOrbs - the biOrb 105 has its own stand, all biUbes and also Life aquariums. The wood stand is very stylish and is available in either Black or Silver. The acrylic stand oozes class and is also available in either black or silver finish.




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Reef One Intelligent Aquarium Heater & Powerpack (iHeat)

Great Service

Fast delivery. Arrived next morning. Thank you.

BiOrb HALO 30 with Automatic LED Lighting (White)

Really Good Biorb

All my family are mad about Biorbs and now they all want one of these now I have got one. The new look is amazing but the best of it is the LED lights, they are much brighter than the old lights. Also, got to give praise for next day delivery.

Reef One Wooden Orb Stand - Silver

Fast Delivery

Arrived next day

BiOrb HALO 60 with Automatic LED Lighting (White)

Very Happy

I am really happy with this biorb and glad I bought it. My old biorb was worn and look shabby. The Halo biorb looks much better than the old version and the lights are 100% better.

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