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TMC Marine

TMC are one of the worlds leading marine aquatics suppliers and have a specialist range of aquarium for the marine fish keeper.

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The AquaHabitats range from Tropical Marine Centre provides you with fantastic products for all aquarium and enthusiasts, from beginner to advanced.

Feature packed, plug-and-play marine set up perfect for small reef aquascapes, miniature corals, invertebrates and small fish.

Provides an excellent introduction into the exciting and enthralling hobby of marine reefkeeping.Manufactured from high quality acrylic, offering a clear view and a light yet robust tank.

Compact and self-contained - ideal for any room in the house.

Incorporates a high PAR AquaRay MiniLED 500 light system with 4 x lensed 10,000K white Cree® XP-E and 1 x un-lensed blue Cree® XP-E PowerLEDs. The white LEDs can be switched off to give a moonlight  mode.MountaRay tank bracket.

Built in filtration system incorporating an integral pump with multidirectional outlet offers optimum water quality and minimal maintenance.Unique integrated air driven protein skimmer to ensure quiet operation.

Supplied complete with a condensation lid, micro thermometer, hydrometer, an H2Air 60 air pump, non return valve and a heater to allow for simple and quick installation.


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TMC Signature Aquarium Set 90cm x 45cm x 45cm - Glacier White (180 litres)

Signature Aquarium

This is a high quality aquarium. I am really pleased with it. Thank you.

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