TMC V2 iLumenAir LED Lighting

TMC V2 iLumenaire LED Lighting New from TMC the V2 iLumenaire LED Lighting luminaire for Reef Aquariums.

TMC have launched their new luminaire LED lights which are available in December 2013 - V2 iLumenAir.

These new luminaires are set to take Reef Aquarium lighting to a new level, never seen before in LED lighting.

The V2 iLumenAire used high power LEDs with a high PAR from Bridgelux technology.

With built in timers and dimming to allow for a full range of effects including sunrise, sunset, twighlight and moonlight - all fully controllable via a remote control (included).

All colours are individually controllable and also includes a lightning function.

The V2 iLumenAire operates on low voltage and includes a Power Useage readout to tell you how much electricity is actually being used.

The unit can be mounted (fittings included) or suspended (suspension kit sold seperately).

The V2 iLumenAire includes quiet, temperature controlled cooling fans which only operate when required and are easily serviceable.

Over temperature protection is included with a thermal cut out to protect the LED,s should overheating occur.


 V2 iLumenAire Air 900  Specifications:

Dimensions: 690mm x 260mm x 24mm (w x d x h)

Max tank size: 120cm

Max power comsumption: 170w


LED Lighting:

2 x 35w White Cluster Diodes (6500k)

24 x 3w Royal Blue (456nm)

3 x 3w Red (640nm)

3 x 3w Green (530nm)

2 x 3w Amber (605nm)


We have seen the V2 iLumenAire  operating and were very impressed with the unit and its functions and regard it as the best LED lighting unit we have seen.

We have made a pre-order of these units which will arrive before christmas. We will have a unit operating on demonstration once we receive them.

We will place these units on the selling part of our web site when we have more information and will be taking pre-orders for them. They will be prices at £399 each.

More information and photo's will be posted as we receive it.

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