Red Sea Max C-130D Reef aquarium - Black

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vanDelivery information: Free delivery (except remote areas). Due to this product being heavy and made of glass we use either our own vans or a pallet delivery to safely deliver this aquarium. Our vans will deliver to the following areas - BB, BD, BL, CH, CW, DE4, DE6, DE45, DE56, FY, HD, HX, OL, L, LA, LS, M, PR, S, SK, ST, SY13, SY14, WA, WF, WN.  If you live in another part of the UK we will deliver using a pallet delivery company. See out T&C for pallet delivery options and remote area list.  Once you have placed your order we will call you to arrange a delivery date. 


Product Details: 

Tank Dimensions 510 x 484 x 584mm
Combined Aquarium and Cabinet External Dimensions : 1440mm x 500 x 610mm
Total Volume 130 Litre or 34 gallons

About the C130 Aquarium:

The Red Sea MAX C130 has many upgraded features to the older 130D version such as fully featured REEF SPEC lighting, improved skimmer and filtration, and one larger circulation pump instead of two smaller ones. 

The skimmer now has a clever self levelling adjustable protein skimmer meaning the protein skimmer will still work effectively if the water level drops in your aquarium. This excellent engineered skimmer removes the vast majority of the waste produced by the aquarium inhabitants, as well as thoroughly oxygenating the water. The Reef Spec skimmer will pass the aquariums water volume through the skimmer 3 times per hour and with an air to water ratio idea of 3 to 1, the skimmer specs sets the MAX C Series filtration apart from other reef systems currently available. The filtration system ensures the water quality provided is that required by the most demanding and delicate SPS corals. The MAX C Series are also equipped with full size mechanical and chemical filtration including a media rack for easy maintenance.

The New Reef Spec lighting features 2 x 55w Power Compact Lamps and comprises of 15000k, Actinic and Pink tube and defines a light intensity of 1 watt per liter of water which is ideal for all reef inhabitants especially when provided by high intensity flourescent tubes. The Reef Spec lighting contained with the Red Sea Max C Series have been designed to provide the ideal intensity, PAR and spectrum for even the most demanding SPS coral species. 

The new larger pump provided with the Red Sea C Series provides a required turnover of between 10 to 15 times per hour of the total water volume. This high turn over ensures the corals and other sessile invertebrates receive the nutrients and minerals such as calcium necessary for growth and health. Turbulance of the water surface is also crucial to prevent the accumulation of a bio film that reduces both light penetration and efficient gas exchange and thus the MAX C Series are equipped with a full size surface skimmer. Both the surface skimmer and large circulation pump are housed discreetly within the design ensuring beauty of the aquarium is not compromised.

In addition to the high quality Reef Spec systems integrated into the C Series, these systems are also packed with other features such as the Max Power Center which is now cleverly housed in the cabinet instead of the aquarium like the older version meaning much easier to work with and less space taken up inside the aquarium.

The C Series come Chiller ready if you ever need to add a Chiller to the system, feature LED moon lights for eveing and night viewing and have a fully programmable timer for the lighting. For more information please see the Red Sea website at

The C130 is not a stock item and takes 4 to 5 working days to arrive from Red Sea Aquatics once you have placed your order.

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